Our Lemonade Stand is totally customizable!

The Lovely Lemons offers two colors to choose from Rustic Gray or Vintage Brown as you can see below!


What is so unique about Lovely Lemons?

First, we are the only Signature Wedding Drink vendor that exists. Second, we are the only vendor who uses a Vintage Lemonade Stand as a rustic detail. Coupled with our mason jars…our Signature Wedding Drink company is an original and a “one of Kind.” Your guest will be in awe of how adorable our set up is.. and they certainly will have never seen anything like it before! If your style is Rustic…we are the perfect match!

I’ve never seen this before..what exactly does Lovely Lemons do?

We serve drinks in Mason Jars from a Vintage Lemond Stand to your guests. You choose if the drinks will be alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.


Will my wedding venue allow this?

Yes, our services are welcomed in the wedding venues in the Long Island area.


Do you stay for the entire wedding reception?

You can hire us for a variety of different situations:

1. Serve refreshments as your guest arrive to your ceremony location.

2.Serve your signature wedding drinks during your cocktail hour.

3.Serve your signature wedding drinks during your cocktail hour and reception.

What if it rains on my wedding date?

Our Vintage Lemonade Stands were built to fit in any indoor location. If it rains on your wedding date..we will simply set up inside.

Can I use the Mason Jars as my wedding favor?

Yes, you can use the mason jars as your wedding favor.

Can I add my own decorations to the mason jars?

Your mason jars can be customized to your liking. We will provide you with a quote after discussing your ideas for your custom mason Jars.

How many different drinks can I choose to serve?

Included in our package is two drink options. We normally serve a Bride’s Cocktail and Groom Cocktail. We have a list of drink ideas to choose from


Do you have a liquor license?

No, NY state law will not allow Lovely Lemons to have a liquor license because we do not operate in a single location like a bar or restaurant. Because of this, you or your wedding venue must supply supply the alcohol thats used in your drinks. We will discuss this in detail when you contact us.

Our Services


Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, birthday party. mitzvah, corporate/charity event or even a family reunion, Lovely Lemons will add excitement and lasting memories to your celebration.


Many couples use our mason jars as their wedding favors. We can  customize mason jars to your liking for this purpose.

Wedding Planners & Photographers

Contact us to collaborate. Rustic details are extremely popular right now, and our mason jars and vintage lemonade stand make for great props and display stands for any occasion